Comparing THC vs CBD

The question about the difference between the THC and CBD in cannabis is getting clearer each year as more medical professionals are aggressively trying to solve the riddle behind the healing properties of the chemical compounds within cannabis.
One of the latest discoveries is that the CBD can actually negate the psychoactive effects caused by THC.
This means that in some patients they can experience the healing properties of the cannabis without experiencing the high. The THC is unable to affect receptors in the body because the CBD blocks them.

Consuming the CBD blocks some of the brain’s receptors, which can also have a huge impact on a person’s metabolism.
The THC in the cannabis can cause people to become extremely hungry soon after smoking cannabis, but the CBD has the complete opposite effect

What Can CBD Be Used to Treat?

The therapeutic benefits of the CBD are staggering. Because the CBD can affect different receptors in different parts of the body, it has the ability to heal a wide array of ailments.
Each year, medical professionals are able to connect the healing properties of the CBD to even more conditions in the body.
As of today, we now know that by giving patients different amounts of CBD, they have seen improvements with cancer, lupus, diabetes, nicotine addiction, motor disorders, paediatric conditions, osteoporosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic pain.

CBD Medical PropertiesEffects
Anxiolytic/Anti-depressantCombats anxiety and depression disorders
Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancerCombats tumour and cancer cells
Anti-oxidantCombats neurodegenerative disorders
Anti-inflammatoryCombats inflammatory disorders
AntipsychoticCombats psychosis disorders
AnticonvulsantSuppresses seizure activity
AntiemeticReduces nausea and vomiting

This is only a partial list of the most common cures, and as studies continue the list is expanding year after year.

CBD and the Top 3 Medical Conditions

The following list is the three most popular medical conditions that are currently being helped by way of the CBD.

1. Anxiety and Depression

If you have ever consumed marijuana and felt more anxious and nervous, it is a direct result of the chemical THC and how it responds to your body.
When there is more THC than CBD, it has a negative effect on your nervous system. patients who consume CBD-rich cannabis feel less anxious, feel less nervous and have depression symptoms subside.
This is because the CBD inhibits enzymes that break down anandamide, allowing a person to have more feel-good chemicals floating around in the body.

2. Epileptic Seizures and Disorders

The CBD can help to reduce epileptic seizures through the mediation of the neurotransmitter GABA.
The neurotransmitter has a calming effect on the body, dampening any excitability within the brain. When the GABA levels drop, you are more susceptible to having a seizure.
CBD is basically a GABA inhibitor, meaning it creates a huge surplus of the GABA in your brain.
The CBD also helps increase the efficacy of anti-epileptic drugs. CBDs keep the brain cells healthy while reducing cell damage.

3. Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders

To easily understand the connection between this chemical compound and psychotic disorders, CBD is basically an anti-psychotic.
CBD has the ability to reduce the many psychoactive qualities in schizophrenia patients. While THC affects the brain and leads to psychoactive effects, CBD has the exact opposite effect on these exact same regions.
The anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD can lend to anti-psychotic properties.

Whole Plant Medical Treatment

We know today that CBD is a powerful chemical compound all by itself, but medical researchers are discovering that this powerhouse and its healing abilities can be further amplified when combined with several other cannabinoids.
Medical professionals are researching whole plant medicine, the idea that combinations of CBD and THC can work together to produce therapeutic effects within the body.
This could explain why epileptic patients respond to CBD, while other patients see a better response to THC.
An entourage effect is when two cannabinoids work together better at managing different medical symptoms than just one alone.

Is CBD Actually Legal in New Zealand?

CBD increases in popularity along with cannabis legalisation support, New Zealand’s cannabis acceptance has increased significantly in recent years. As of last year, 67 percent of the country support cannabis legalisation for recreational use, while over 87 percent supported legalisation for medical use. Just two years prior, these figures were 50 percent and 80 percent, respectively.
The increasing acceptance is not just a New Zealand phenomenon, but a global one. The trend explains why, in the last decade, several countries around the world have legalised cannabis for medical purposes. Some have even legalised the drug for recreational use Canada, Uruguay, several states in the United States, and several European countries have decriminalised it.
New Zealand made its move last year, legalising the drug for medical purposes, which seems to be the first step towards legalising it for recreational use. In fact, a referendum has been set for 2020, placing the question of recreational cannabis legalisation in the hands of Kiwis.

Can you buy CBD oil in New Zealand?

Growing, manufacture and sale of low-THC hemp seeds as food is now permitted. We believe it is safe to say that hemp products are indeed legal, since they are being sold in stores locally and online and nobody is really doing much complaining. In recent changes made by Food Standards Australia New Zealand. The standard clearly states that it is okay to import hemp seed and foods into the country. However, the product must not include words like cannabis or marijuana.
The product must also not include any images of the marijuana plant other than the seed. The product must also not make any health claims or nutrition content claims about cannabidiol. Lastly, the product must not claim that it produces a psychoactive effect. Basically, if the product you have imported contains the image of the marijuana plant or leaves on the label and things like that, it will be delayed, and you may be contacted by the authorities. Our customers have experienced success purchasing products from all the links provided on this page.

Our customers have experienced success purchasing products from all the links provided on this page. Thoughtcloud will ship to you in New Zealand directly and Elixinol will ship to you after you have proved you have a prescription after you complete a purchase.

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