CBD: Comprehensive Guide To Cannabidiol

Over the past few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has taken the world by storm. As more states loosen up their laws concerning marijuana, more people are getting exposed to the powerful healing benefits of CBD.
This amazing compound has been linked to healing chronic pain, calming psychotic patients, and even stopping epileptic seizures.
But many people have questions and concerns about exactly what is CBD and how does it work.
To help you understand more about this amazing compound, we have developed this comprehensive guide concerning everything you need to know about CBD.

The Key Ingredient in Cannabis

Cannabis is comprised of over 60 unique chemical compounds, and CBD is one of them. The THC and CBD are two compounds found in the highest concentration and more recognized and studied.
The level of the CBD in marijuana will vary from plants grown for medical purposes to those grown for recreational purposes.
As more growers become knowledgeable about breeding techniques, they have been able to develop streams that contain more of the CBD. For years many smokers focused only on the THC aspect of cannabis because of how it affected their high, but now as more are realizing the healing qualities of the CBD, it is getting more recognition.

Understanding Everything About CBD

When a marijuana plant is high in THC and low in CBD, it affects the body differently. The THC will provide a greater high but does not have any healing properties.
Streams low in THC and rich in CBD have the opposite effect, being able to reduce seizures in patients significantly.
Patients who were having over 300 seizures a week before using the CBD went on to have zero in an entire week soon after using the CBD as a treatment.
Medical cannabis that is high in CBD has helped many families with children who suffer from seizures, and today more states than ever are introducing pro-CBD legislative initiatives. Each year more dispensaries are working to create powerful strains that are rich in CBD and lower in THC

How Does the CBD Work?

To better understand why so many people are becoming obsessed with the healing properties of the CBD, we have to discuss how the CBD works.
The chemical compound is polypharmacological, meaning it affects more than just one part of our bodies at any time.
This is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. While many families have found the CBD to produce amazing healing properties for specific ailments, medical professionals are having a challenging time pinpointing the exact reasons because the drug has far-reaching healing properties.
When a drug can cause so many beneficial bodily changes on many different levels, it’s a challenge for scientists to figure out how these changes interact with one other.
This is part of the reason many strains are available for sale, and patients have been experimenting with different ones to find a balance that works best for their unique medical ailments.

Simplistic Explanation of CBD

Compared to the THC in cannabis that binds to receptors in your cells and alters your state, the CBD does the opposite.
The CBD interacts in several different ways which is part of the reason that it has several different healing properties.
So the CBD activates different receptors like vanilloid, serotonin, and adenosine receptors. The vanilloid receptors can help to mediate different pain signals in your body.
The serotonin receptors will affect and change your mood. The adenosine receptors determine both your sleeping and waking cycle.
That is not where this chemical compound stops, it also blocks fatty acids and helps to regulate pleasure functions like memory, pain, reward, appetite, and sleep.
The CBD boosts chemical levels in your body and can affect one or more of these functions.
So in layman terms, a cannabis strain rich in CBD and low in THC will heal your body without letting you experience the hallucinatory effects.

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